Jr. Theory & Practical Instructor

photo of Kelsie Molinaro, Jr. Theory & Practical Instructor Kelsie Molinaro
Hillsdale Beauty College
64 Waldron Street
Hillsdale, MI, 49242 USA

Kelsie has been in the beauty industry for 6 years.  She was born and raised in Jonesville, MI and is the Jr. Theory and Practical Instructor at Hillsdale Beauty College.  She graduated from Jonesville High School and received all of her training from Hillsdale Beauty College.  Kelsie is very passionate about her work.  Teaching and watching her students grow daily is very gratifying.  It is rewarding to build relationships with both her students and clients.  Her students would say that she is understanding and helpful.  She wants them to know that she is grateful for each one of them and will always do her best to accommodate their needs.

Kelsie continually strives to learn and grow professionally.  She is always improving her skills because the industry is always changing!  Making people feel good about themselves is her first priority.  Being in the beauty industry allows her to reach out to people and make them look and feel good. As an instructor, Kelsie has an even bigger opportunity to reach out and help shape the future of the industry and pass on her knowledge.

A positive attitude drives her to excel not only professionally, but in her personal life as well.  Knowing that only she has control over her success keeps her motivated to be better professionally and personally!  Hillsdale Beauty College is dedicated to professionalism and customer service.  As a student, you can expect a quality education with personal one on one time.  Kelsie aims to ensure every student will leave with the skills, knowledge and confidence to get licensed and start their career in the beauty industry!

On her days off from teaching, she works in a salon.  Kelsie also works at her family's bowling center and at night, she takes care of her grandfather who lives with her.  She is very family oriented.